Graphic with photo of woman smiling in front of rack of clothing. Text reads: "Looking to develop new skills? Interested in a career in Retail? Retail Plus! Achieve an L1 certificate in Customer Service. Gain Work experience in a Retail environment. Support for 6 months to help you find a job!

Delivered in Belfast City Centre, Retail Plus is one of PeoplePlus NI's Skills Plus Academies.

Combining accredited learning, team building, work experience, and mentorship, the four week Academy gives participants the tools and confidence to find work in a Retail or Customer Service environment. Participants also benefit from 6 months of support from PeoplePlus NI's Employment Consultants, ensuring progression to employment or further learning.

Participants must be either unemployed or economically inactive (for example, not working due to caring responsibilities or poor health) and can be aged from 16 to 64. If you need support in order to be able to attend, please let us know!

Upcoming Retail Plus Sessions:

For more information, email us or phone 07825 791855.

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