Training for Success is Northern Ireland’s youth training programme, which gives young people the tools and the confidence to find work.

Operating out of three centres of excellence in West Belfast, East Belfast and Downpatrick, PeoplePlus NI currently offers fully funded vocational training in seven key areas:

Am I eligible?

Training for Success is designed for young people aged 16 - 17, with extended age eligibility for young people with a disability up to age 22 and up to age 24 for those from an in-care background.

Alternatively, if you reach age 18 after 1 July and before the first Monday in September, you will be allowed to join Training for Success, providing you start during the first week of September immediately after your 18th birthday.

What will I learn?

By completing Training for Success with PeoplePlus NI, you will achieve targeted qualifications in the four areas below:

You will also receive job experience through a work placement based on your needs, giving you the opportunity experience different workplaces and decide what sort of work suits you best.

What support will I receive?

If you go into training through Training for Success you will automatically qualify for a non means tested Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) of £40 per week. 

If you have a disability, PeoplePlus NI will work with Disability Support Providers in order to ensure arrangements are put in place so that you can benefit fully from your training entitlement.

Travel, lodging and childcare allowances may be paid depending on individual circumstances.

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