What is Work Experience?

At PeoplePlus NI we work with a large number of participants who are out of work or under employed and are seeking to rejoin the workforce. Some participants have little work experience but valuable skills to offer, so our aim is to build their confidence and experience to ultimately realise their goal of sustainable employment.

To support them in their journey, PeoplePlus NI are always looking for employers to offer our excellent participants work experience opportunities across a multitude of industries. There are a variety of types of work experience, giving both participants and employers a chance to develop skills in a method that suits whatever situation:

Work Placement

A work placement is an opportunity for a participant to gain practical experience in the workplace resulting in a reference and work history to boost their CV. This development opportunity is ideally for 4 weeks, with workplace mentoring and hands-on experience giving participants an opportunity to develop skills for their future career.

Work Taster

A work taster is an opportunity for participants to spend some time in their chosen occupational area and determine whether they want to pursue a career in that sector.  This is time bound, with regular feedback on performance and opportunities to try out various skills, and should not last longer than 2 weeks.

Work Trial

A work trial forms part of the recruitment process and is used when a vacancy is available. This supplement to the interview process gives participants an opportunity to highlight their aptitude in a hands-on environment, which is often more accessible for participants who struggle at interview stage.  This intervention allows both the potential employer and the participant to test the suitability of the role as part of the recruitment process.  A work trial should not exceed 2 shifts and usually results in a job offer or extensive feedback as part of the recruitment process.

With many organisations wanting to promote social responsibility in their local communities, this is a great opportunity for employers to provide a skills development opportunity whilst supporting a person’s journey back into employment.

Contact our Employer Services team if you want to know more about how you can help.

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